How to choice escort service

Hey guys,welcome to hangzhou city,welcome to Kevin hangzhou escort center,many customer told me more escort center have fake pic,send the beautiful pic and when the girl arrvied,is not same at pic,today i will tell u how to choice escort center,can make sure 100% real pic.

1.At first,u need know which price do u accept,ex,if u need part-time girls,1200/1hour,and tell agents u can accept the price,because agents dont know which customer can accept the price,will send wrong pic from wechat.

2.Tell agents which time do u need,because escort center dont have more girls,and cant make sure who is free,the best way tell agents which time do u need or tell agent before 30min when u need,then agent can send pic who is free at that time,it can make sure agent send the right person.

3.if u need some hangzhou escort service,the way can suggest,tell agent which girl type do u like,ex,young,sex,big breast,agent know it,will send right girl to your hotel.